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ADDA: Indo-American Sports Bar

ADDA, the first Indo American Sports Bar is unique of its kind and a dream project to fill the gap in customer experience between Restaurant and a Basement. It was never meant to be a commercial project competing with other Restaurants or Sports Bar in the neighborhood but to create a hangout place to unify the community. ADDA intends to adopt a sense of mystery to its guests with a confidence of finding something new happening every day.

With custom created food and signature drinks, Adda has already proven to be a regular hangout spot for most of its guests. The food was never meant to be Authentic Indian or a spicy rich curry to compete, however, the goal was to introduce its own recipes that complement the drinks, ambience and the experience for that moment. Adda plans to introduce more signature drinks every month with ‘never tasted before’ recipes.

Patrons find the ambience artistic, embedding technology to experience multi-faceted environments. With a 30 ft full bar, over 20 big screen TVs in a 2500 sqft seating area plus a large open patio, Adda can host events to cater to groups from 20 to 142 guests, in two different seating styles and only place open late past midnight every day. Guests have been productively utilizing the space for sports team’s captains meet, team celebrations, post-game, moms get together, chamber of commerce meets, cultural meets, live games, corporate lunches, business meetings and many more including husband groups. Adda will continue to host events everyday with Live bands, Bollywood DJ, Ladies Night, Costume parties, Celebrity meet, Festivals, Veterans honor, Know your drink sessions, onsite games and entertainment and much more.

Customers can order onsite, ADDA Website, phone calls, take out, Uber Eats, Doordash, Grubhub and other Apps including Yelp, Patron. ADDA provides Catering Services for events in and around North Atlanta region including customer pickup, delivery, onsite services.

The true spirit of Adda lies within its patrons making the best of every moment they spend here. The difference in feeling between owning and borrowing, makes Adda unique in its customer experience. With reasonable pricing, very artistic ambience and amicable staff, the concept of Adda has inspired many to finally have a place next door that they can call their own. Adda will be driven by the passion and feedback of every individual who believes in bridging this gap in current hospitality industry with infinite innovative thoughts.

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