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- Our Story -

After months of discussions and studious research, we were motivated by the idea and thought

Adda simply means a place where people get-together for conversation. The inception of Adda literally happened when we were hanging out in some sports bar

drinking pitchers of beer and chatting about nothing. We felt the service was good but not enough breathing space to stretch and move around.

We conversed over what changes could bring a homelier, basement experience?

Then, the thoughts poured in and there you go; the foundation stone for the inception of Adda!

“A Surprise in Atlanta.” 

 -   P.Palakodeti  -

“Good food and atmosphere, a great place to watch foot ball.”

-  Beth Jackson  -

“This is not your typical sports bar which makes it unique!”

-  Carter Jacksont  -

* * * * * 
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