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ADDA:Experience the uniqueness !!!

Adda simply means a place where like minded people get-together for conversation or chit chat.

With the above inspiration, “ADDA Sports Pub & Eatery” is born, a unique, first of a kind, Indo-American Sports Bar located in Suwanee, ,Forsyth county.

ADDA is designed to be a blend of a Restaurant, Social Club, Party Hall,VIP Lounge, Event Management, Sports Bar and more importantly a private basement environment and to say in short ADDA is “our place”, a home away from home where you can have goods times with co-workers, friends, kids and family watching live sports, eat, drink and have fun.

Imagine a place where we all could gather to cheer game of your interest and eat delicious Indian Authentic ,Fusion and even good ole southern american gourmet burgers and fried fish.

ADDA treats everyone not as customers but as our family guests. With a matchless comfort and style, action packed environment and over 20+ screens to cater all sorts of sports fans,

ADDA invites you to chill out and unravel in a very hygienic upscale friendly atmosphere. We hope you will like being here as much as we like welcoming you here!

Dance to the lively music and hop till your feet hurt while enjoying a pint of beer or your favorite cocktail.

Come On In to get surprised... as this is not just another Indian restaurant . It is something we all

have been waiting for and we deserve it !!!

It’s Not Just a Sports Pub! It’s A Family Restaurant, A Social Club, A Party Hall and A Lounge

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